Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Reflecting -

Though I called it a meditation retreat yesterday, it is called an Inner Journey workshop, and we meditate and work to uncover some psychological realms, to unblock what may stand in the way of unfolding the true depths, expansiveness and wealth of our spiritual home.

I am today with these questions:

How do I block my essential, my authentic self?

How do I deal with my fear?

Yesterday, we were partnered and spent twenty minutes in a monologue answering the first question and then, the second while being witnessed by another, who then offered feedback.  I'm not sure I even remember my answers at this point but what I felt then and what I feel now is the movement that evolved from speaking as truthfully as I could in response to these questions.  Doors and windows open.  We are aired, vast, spacious.  

I am also with this tid-bit.  Love, dependence, and the merged state are learned as one.  They were one in the womb and as we emerged they were still one.  We don't feel "freed" by the cutting of the umbilical cord.  We were obviously dependent and it takes awhile to realize our nose, toes, feet, as our own.  The "terrible two's" are when we begin to assert our own will, our independence.   The journey continues as we balance independence and dependence daily, as we move through the navigation of our days.

May today be one of movement, space, air, joy, groundedness and will!!   Happy Spring Day!!


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