Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning -

NYC seems relatively quiet in the morning.  There are no sirens right now.  I see now that it makes sense there would be a daily cycle to the accidents and need for speedy trips to the hospital.  (Ah, now I hear one - so much for that.)  I have both windows open as far as they will go, which is about six inches.  I like fresh air.  

I am reading A Guide to the Good Life, the Ancient Art of Stoic Joy by William B. Irvine.   It espouses the philosophy of Marcus Aurelius, (and others) who was emperor of Rome while also paying attention to his own personal and fulfilling needs and goals.

".... although Stoicism is a philosophy, it has a significant psychological component.  The Stoics realized that a life plagued with negative emotions - including anger, anxiety, fear, grief and envy - will not be a good life.  They therefore became acute observers of the workings of the human mind and as a result became some of the most insightful psychologists of the ancient world. They went on to develop techniques for preventing the onset of negative emotions and for extinguishing them when attempts at prevention failed."   This book offers their techniques to "reduce the number of negative emotions experienced in daily living."

Yesterday, we were standing on a street corner waiting for a light to change.  I hadn't realized we were smiling, but I did feel lit with delight at all the excitement.  A man approached us and offered us each a hat for smiling.   He then, requested a donation for a soup kitchen, as an offering for the hat.  It was a fair exchange.  I hadn't realized I how broadly I was standing there smiling until he came up and then I couldn't stop smiling, so now, I have a blue hat that says NYC and perhaps the soup kitchen is better funded through this creative way of fund-raising.

It is tax day.  On this day, I like to think of what I enjoy because I pay taxes.  At the airport yesterday, a policeman spent a great deal of time with an elderly couple who were here on their first trip to NY.  He got them on the perfect shuttle for them.  We are intertwined.  It is community appreciation day!!   Enjoy!!


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