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I lie in bed this morning, listening to the birds, feeling the plants rustle the soil with their roots.   Bella snuggled next to me all night.

The sun is just hitting the hill and the day awakes.

I recommend everyone read The Thirteen American Arguments by Howard Fineman.   He gathers our four hundred years of public life into three hundred pages.  He presented a copy to President Obama, saying that "we don't argue enough - about the right things, the deep things."  He wasn't sure our president agrees.   We'll see.

Meanwhile here is a fascinating statistic. 

"Attempts to dam the flow of information were proximate causes of our national existence.  The Stamp Act Congress, which convened in New York in October 1765, is generally considered the first official act of what ultimately became the United States, and its Declaration of Grievances our first collective political utterance. What followed was perhaps the most intense period of public debate in our history as we argued about how to establish a government.  Thomas Paine's Common Sense published in 1776, sold an astonishing 600,000 copies in a country of three million."

And we think information passes quickly on the internet.   Enjoy this Day, Earth Day.   It seems to me that each day is Earth Day as we learn to honor the moods and needs of our home.


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