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This morning I read Jon Carroll's column on living frugally and yet being forced to realize we need to bail out those who paid less attention.


He says people are angry and he wonders if we're heading toward revolution.

This evening I read this from The Atlantic. http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200905/goldberg-economy

In the Quick Study of The Atlantic under Economics, it says that:

"The bonuses bankers have handed themselves in recent years aren't just excessive - they may have hastened Wall Street's collapse. Although rash incentives tend to make people work harder, expending too much effort can actually hinder tasks that require creativity, problem solving and concentration. Anticipating large bonuses can lead to excessive self-consciousness and a focus so narrow that it warps perspective by blocking important outside information - like, say, common sense."

The weather has lost its heat and the wind is blowing and it is bitter cold outside. The temperature has dropped between thirty and forty degrees. I am bundled up with the heat running. We know the weather is hard to fathom, but somehow we thought finances would make sense, that someone was paying attention, that ethics were involved, or, at least common sense. Many of us trusted financial advisers. Some of them may have been well-meaning and yet, here we all are.

In my reading, I am now noticing the financial disasters that occurred in the past. In watching the fourth episode of Little Dorrit last night, it was clear that many people were being set up for a fall, perhaps on the order of a Madoff scandal and yet, it happens over and over again. I have no answers and perhaps I am not even curious in the moment. I am snuggled inside and warm. Tiger and Bella are here, and we are all well-fed, and I wonder what it all means. I value the connections we share, the trust, and the honoring of our own self-respect.


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