Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

It Takes a Village!

I'm in a contemplative mood today, involved in the lives of others in various ways and sitting with the knowing we are all a village.  We are intertwined.   We know that actions are complex and we can't always know how our actions affect another, and I believe in intention and purpose and learning the art and skill of control, of allowing ourselves to give a pause to what may otherwise run amok.   Perhaps it is why I often need time alone, to understand this ball we all hold and mold.

Years ago, I read the book Lady of the Lotus by William Barrett.   The following words were printed at the front of the book.  They are my guide as I gently twine the knowing that all children are mine.  

From Lady of the Lotus – William Barrett – “from the Vedas”


I have a son.

I own a debt to my son,

To the children of my son

And to their children.

Each gift that I give

I give many times;

To my son,

To the children of my son

And to their children.

I must take care

That I give no evil

For the evil will be multiplied.

The seeds of my example

Shall grow into trees in their lives.

I would give a fair forest

To my son

To the children of my son

And to their children.

I pray that this may be.


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