Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

His Holiness the Dalai Lama -

It has been a perfect day.   The Dalai Lama is wonderful to see.   Security was intense and one has to wonder why when they hear a man speak only of love and compassion, and yet we know why it has to be so.   He even said "I love you" to Bush when Bush was acting as president.  Imagine that.  He then mentioned to Bush that he did not agree with his policies.  He is completely forthright. 

His advice to young people graduating from Cal this year is to get a job and find a mate and not expect so much and then, there is not disappointment.  That last part was straight from the book I've been reading on stoicism. 
He also said to live with compassion.  He spoke a great deal about what that means.   Of course, he lives it.  You feel it from head to toe, compassion.   How can this man be dangerous to anyone, I thought, and yet, clearly he is perceived as a threat by the Chinese.

At the end, they played the Tibetan National Anthem.  I think everyone there had tears in their eyes.  He is a political as well as a spiritual leader.  How can we allow what has happened and is happening in Tibet to continue?  It is unfathomable.

Visualize the strength and power of Mother Love.  Live with that force for your family, friends, community and all community.   He is a Holy Man!

My son Chris is here to spend the night, so it is a day of many blessings in one.

I think what most amazed me is the voice of the Dalai Lama.  He recently had an operation and was not feeling well and yet, his voice is deep, resonant, powerful.  Again, I felt his voice moving through me from head to toe.  My feet were tingling.   It all feels easy when one listens to him speak, obvious.   Why do we allow this country to make arms and ship them around the world?   What do we expect in return?


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