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Contemplation -

Today I spent time with a writer friend, a woman who has put together many books, and she gave me the reality of what it might mean to publish Breast Strokes. I am sitting with the work of it, and realizing, "Be careful, what you wish for. You might get it." I am feeling lessons have been learned. It may be time to let this book go and move on to what is next.

I just read Joe Haldeman's book, The Forever War. I am with these words.

"The 1143-year long war had been begun on false pretenses and only continued because the two races were unable to communicate. Once they could talk, the first question was "Why did you start this thing?" and the answer was "Me?"

The Taurans hadn't known war for millennia, and toward the beginning of the twenty-first century it looked as though mankind was ready to outgrow the institution as well. But the old soldiers were still around, and many of them were in positions of power."

And on it goes. We need to recognize the value of communication and peace. I thought I wanted something and tonight I wonder if I do. What is our true purpose here? What is ours to do?

Joan posted this today. I place it here.


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