Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

May Day!

When I was a child we made May Day baskets the night before this day and hung them on doorknobs in the early morning.  Such a treat!

I am committed to a three day workshop.  I believe I called it a retreat, but the way I am understanding the experience we will work in various ways to dismantle the superego or inner critic.  In so doing, we open opportunity to better feel and connect with our spirituality which may be hiding behind various perceptions we have built to ensure our needs are met and often these perceptions are blocks to perceiving that what we need is already here.  That is my understanding of it, a "cleansing of the doors of perception" so to speak.

I have now many emails of concern on my possible decision to not publish the book.  This three days will aid me in understanding this decision and whether I need to reconsider.  Certainly the emails I am receiving say I should rethink.  I will be home in the evenings but may be too tired to check my email, though I may also be energized by this
One never knows when they commit to another delving within.  That is the treasure, this willingness to let go and look within.    For me, it is like jumping out of an airplane, free fall while knowing the parachute will open and I will discover new avenues in the air and on and through the earth below.  How do I land?   What is here to explore?

I look forward to discovering what is next to dismantle in my being.  Sometimes that is unsettling.  Whoops, there went another wall.  There's a hole in the floor.  What do I stand on now?  Oh, this beautiful earth is my support, the earth within and without.

I hold you all in my heart as I hope I am a little flower or fern in yours.  


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