Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Touched -

When I took Steve to the emergency room a few weeks ago, we were reminded that we hadn't filled out our advanced medical directive.  The forms are here waiting to be signed and notarized, making our wishes known that we don't want extra measures taken to save our lives.  We do not want to live as vegetables and we don't want resources that could be used in other ways taken to unnecessarily extend our lives.  We are of the walk into the desert mentality and rest under a tree.

It is difficult to know who to ask to make those final decisions.  It may be the biggest responsibility we ask of anothe
r.  Last night we spoke to our sons and to our daughter-in-law Jan who we have known since she was fourteen and chasing our son Jeff around a table, giggling happily as could be.  I hold that image of her even as I know she is a doctor now and I go to her for medical advice.   She just wrote me the sweetest, most loving beautiful words saying she would take on and share in this responsibility She wanted time to think about it, fearing she could not balance head and heart and of course she can and so we will be in good hands as those we love allow us a gracious and graceful parting, when our time is come.  

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