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touch -

I woke this morning to the words of Charlotte Selver, "A moment is a moment."

I've been reading about light and how, as we know, the faster we go, time slows. We age more slowly as we approach the speed of light or that is the theory as I understand it. The idea then is that if we are present with and in our life, truly riding that wave of light, then, we have more time. It seems as though time expands. We've all experienced that place of flow of which Mihaly C. writes.


What I'm feeling this morning is the importance of touch, touching what is going on within, all the little connections and spins and bridges and flow. We are active even as we sit. The earth turns and moves around the sun, and all this activity is happening and we can touch it and feel the touch of it, and then, there are other people. Oh, my! Tears come to my eyes at the beauty that is here.

I was talking to a good friend about the place of grief. Lately, I've been feeling like a child lifting my arms up to my parents, saying, "Carry me. Teach me. Let me walk both alone and with you, always with you. Let death not bring us apart."

She said that place of sorrow, that tenderness, the ecstasy, that is where we pass the threshold into heart.

My intention is to understand that threshold more and more, to honor touch, touch within, touch without, and the connecting of the streams, mine, yours, one.


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