Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I was delighted to see the moon in the sky this morning.  It is one thing to see it at night and another in the day.  I seem to have moved through my "crisis" or confusion of yesterday.  I went to nature and walked down to the beach at Tennessee Valley, and saw that Trips for Kids was out with a group.  I used to be a volunteer with Trips for Kids when it was an idea by Marilyn Price and just beginning.  Now, it has expanded to reach many more kids.   Children who haven't had the opportunity are taken out into the "wilderness" on mountain bikes.  The idea is to empower them and have a good time in nature.  I remember one time when we outfitted the kids with their bikes and rode up the hill out of Tennessee Valley.  I was standing on the ridge above Marin City with a girl who lived there.  We were looking out at the bay and enjoying the view.  She had no idea she lived in one of the most beautiful areas in the world; she had never walked up the hill nor had anyone encouraged her to do so.  There's nothing like a view to open up possibility and put life into perspective. 

Yesterday, I heard
a counselor with another group telling the young people about a private place behind the rocks on the beach.  One young man asked, "Why would anyone want privacy?"  I didn't hear her answer as they were walking one way and I, another, but I realized how much privacy means to me.  It is essential and I can't imagine life without it and yet, for some, it may feel threatening or unsafe to be alone. 

Jane and I had a good conversation this morning as we see in looking at the edits where we both glossed, where we both weren't really willing to go as deeply into the feeling or event as the book requires.  Oddly, we have had great feedback already and we see there is more probing within to go.  Ah, big breath!!

Yesterday I really saw that it is summer.  Sometimes it is illusive when the fog is a dragon breathing moisture in and out.  Zach and I shared a delightful time.  At one point, we entered the gazebo and sat together, my arm around him, his hand on my leg, and we sat quietly watching the light tip the waves of the bay.  He has outgrown the baby swings and we reminisce at times and talk "seriously about tires" and other times sit without words. 


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