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This morning I consider connection.   Usually, on week-day mornings,  Jane and I speak, then write 30 minutes, and check in again.   This morning, we spoke, and the poem “Three Days til Chemo” splurted out, and then, the phone rang.  Chris had a flat tire.    I hopped into the shower,  happy to help.

I bustled about until Jane and I again spoke 27 minutes later. She had found it hard to focus, to get through the door she was trying to enter in her writing.   We both wondered If I had been there, at my desk, at the other end of the thread, would she have made it through?  Do we truly guide ourselves so easily through the light and the dark?  Physics is proving that particles once together are still connected as to spin when separated.   It is to consider today as each of us tries to be “the change we want to see in the world.”

Today, Petra sends me wonderful writings of support along with a photo of Yosemite with light pouring through the clouds.  One offering is this from Richard Bach’s Illusions.

A cloud does not know
why it moves in just such a
direction and at such
a speed.

It feels an impulsion ... this is
the place to go now. But the sky knows
the reasons and the patterns
behind all clouds,
and you will know, too, when
you lift yourself high enough
to see beyond

I am reminded of the Rosen intensive, where there was a day for art, and relaxation.  I was not sure that I needed such a day, but,  of course, there it was.  At the time, I did not do art, but I did survey the table, and it didn’t seem too intimidating.  Summer led a meditation where I saw myself opening up a waterfall, like a curtain,  and walking through the mist.  Penelope laid out paint, silk, and hoops.   I picked up a small brush, and dipped it in paint, and began, and swung into something,  or was swung, like a chalice spreading incense in church.  I felt myself painting my heart.  I truly felt I was painting my heart on the silk, and it sprouted leaves from the top, and floated like a kite reaching out to other hearts.   I titled it Fly Your Heart, quite original, you must admit.  : )

I sort through my silk paintings now and find one called Rafting Tears.   What an image!  I raft my tears now,  savoring each class and honoring the time to just float,  and the space to get out and climb the hills embracing the canyons.

I find another painting titled  My Ideal Life - Living Centered in my Heart.

Isn’t that what this whole thing is about?   Living centered in the heart of the medical community and family and friends?

Then, I find Grow Your Heart and Sing Your Heart.  Enfold and Bond are here. 

Today, my desire is to Fly, Grow, and Sing my Heart as I raft all tears, and enfold in the bonding of ease, gentleness, and peace.











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