Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Unfold your own myth -

I think the Rumi poem spoke to me this morning, because I see how much pushing there is in this society saying we need to do this or that, and I believe we each need to unfold what is ours to unfold and that itself is always unfolding.  It is why I'm not fond of having my picture taken. That is one moment, stamped and held, already out of date, as to what is going on now.  I like flow, change.

I am reading and enjoying Zorba the Greek.  Zorba seems very clear on how he is meant to live.

We can't know what works for another, and perhaps that is what comes in when we judge what we perceive as the suffering of another.  I think empathy is what has gotten us to where we are when it comes to all the wonderful things, art, museums, medicare, schools, social security, parks.  We reach to help others.  That feels good to us and this is scientifically proven, though it probably seems obvious to all.

An admirable person wrote me this morning that he did not consider himself a good man because he did not do enough to help the starving of the world.  I wonder what he, what each of us, considers doing enough, and I'm sure each of us thinks we could do more and yet, in reality, we can do our piece within our small world, and perhaps some are singled out, or single themselves out to lead, but, I do believe, and maybe it is excuse, but I do believe the purpose for myself is to find and feel peace, to see how many moments I can hold like flowers and truly appreciate stem, petal, stamen, pistil, leaf.

I think beating ourselves up about not doing enough is abuse.  Perhaps each of us today could look at what we do, do, and applaud ourselves for how much we care!!


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