Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Why is there such a warm feeling inside when a child is asleep in your home? It must be from the days of the trees and the caves.

I just checked and my niece Katy is curled up and sound asleep after a full day yesterday. She got up at 1:30 our time to fly here and was wide awake last night until about that time again her time. I love having young people asleep in my house. I enjoy them awake too. Maybe I like having people sleep in my house, those early morning hours where they are still dream-tucked. Perhaps the dreams stir the air of the house. There is a fragrance like the baking of pie or cake.

It is odd this thing called airplane flight. I was at the airport early, so had a great deal of time for people watching. A summer Sunday morning is people traveling for fun, so there were many like me waiting eagerly for someone they loved. United gives you a very small playpen to wait now. Security takes up so much room that there is a teeny-tiny area upstairs with a Peets, Subway, and something else, and then, some chairs where the loved ones come down an escalator, so, first, you see their feet, then, legs, then, head. One Asian man did not understand the system or appear to understand English and he kept trying to approach his family, which set off lights and buzzers. The security men understood that he didn't understand and still it was rather sad that we, now united in being captured in the system, then, had to stand even further back.

Thanks to cell phone technology Katy could talk to me the whole way to the meeting place, and so began our week of delight. The fog is in which kept the crowds away from the beach and yet the sand was warm, though the water rather a cold toe, then, foot and leg, embrace. Katy took photos of the surfers. It is funny what one doesn't notice when one lives in a place. We had a great time exploring the west side of the city and Sausalito, and now today we are to the East Bay for a visit to her home when she lived here and a visit with two sets of family members. It will be a full day into the night.

While I was waiting for Katy, I thought of her parents putting her on a plane and sending her off in this capsule 3000 miles to us. It is beyond imagining really and yet we accept it. All these people just appear after traveling from somewhere far away. I am enthralled, at times, with technology, even as sometimes I stand back and sink into the miracle that is also myself.

I was reading Proust was a Neuroscientist by Jonah Lehrer while I was waiting. I recommend it.

This, is a fascinating look at what machines, programmed by us, for now, can do.


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