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and then there is this -

I returned home tonight to the following email. First, some background. I met Jan Chiaramonte at her son Thom's wedding. I knew she was following the blog. It was such a surprise when Steve came home Friday night with a quilt she has made just for me, and the quilt was perfect in every way, and still is. 

She also said I had inspired her to write a poem. I place the poem here, because the words are as comforting and as warming as the quilt.

    A quilt is comfort, love.
    The womb.
    A Mother's arms
    A Father's shoulder
    A lover's embrace.
    The Spirit's cocoon.

She sent this to me today to give some background on the quilt.

"You know, I believe the quilt nearly made itself for you. I knew at once that it was to be a flannel quilt, although I had only made one once before for Doris. They have been very popular with quilters for the last 3 or 4 years and the fabric industry has responded with so many beautiful flannels. I asked Thom to check with Steve about your favorite colors and the answer was earth tones.

I went to a large fabric outlet in Orange County where I shop frequently and came to these flannels within 5 minutes of being in the store. As a matter of fact, they were in the first row I looked at. I knew they would be perfect and put 4 bolts in my basket. I then proceeded to go through the entire outlet to make sure I didn't miss anything and, of course, they were the best.

I decided when I saw the fabric that I would quilt leaves, flowers, grasses in the squares. It seem right. This type of quilt is made differently than the traditional quilt and you have to quilt each square separately to anchor the batting. I had such a good time "drawing" the designs with the needle. I didn't know about your blog until I was well into the quilt. Then when I read your entries and how in tune with nature you are, the descriptions of sunlight and trees, I just thought..."yes".

I believe there is an energy source. I believe that if we stay open, it takes us where we are to go. I have always found answers in the most unlikely of places, but have become so used to it that I don't find it surprising all that much. Chick just shakes his head sometimes.

All of that is to say that your quilt was meant to be. And so was the poem. It's the only time I've been even tempted to write one. I read your blog about the quilt and the poem. They are both yours to do with as you wish."

And so, I place the poem here, and her words on how the quilt came to be.  There are so many blessings in all of this for me.  I see it all that way, and today, surprised me.  I have become calmer, and somehow, I was calm for this, and, I was brought to tears of pain, and, so it is.  In this moment, I am cozy as can be.  I hope you are the same.  

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