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Evening -

I went to Book Passage tonight to see Alison Wright, a photojournalist who was seriously injured in a bus accident in Laos, speak. She gave the first hour to a group who've been through cancer, and then, spoke about her book and showed slides of her trips around the world. It was fascinating. She has taken pictures of "Third World America" which she also shared, but said no publisher will use them for a book, says they are too depressing. Isn't that the point? She works for change.

Check her out:


Barbara Boxer was also speaking at Book Passage tonight so there were imported protesters to protest health care reform. It is the first time I ever walked out of peaceful Book Passage and saw cops. The contrast between Alison's talk and photos and the protesters and cops was definitely surreal. G.I. Joe is on at the local theater. There were about fifteen cars in the lot when I drove by.

Alison was to interview the man who was the Dalai Lama's teacher, but when she came he was too sick to see her and soon after he died. When he was said to be reincarnated in a young boy, she went to interview him. She walked in and the eight year old boy was absorbed in playing with his Game Boy. Then, he looked at her and said he knew her, and described her visit when they were unable to personally meet. There are interesting forces at work, and her theme of the night was how clearly we all are one and love our children and how it would be lovely if we could take care of everyone and get along. It was then odd to walk out and see people waving signs and police cars and police. How can anyone be against health care for all?

It is warm tonight so we can sleep outside. I'm hoping some meteors light up the sky.


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