Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Balance -

This morning I was appreciating what it is to walk in sand, to feel the earth under the feet, the firm support, and the wiggling of sand through toes. There is also an awareness to notice what is underneath, clams, stones, glass.

Then, I came to my email box and there was this from my friend Lee Klinger Lesser. You can check out her work at: http://www.returntooursenses.com/


I went for a walk the other morning out to the beach. When I got there, I was greeted by a sculpture of stones, one placed with great care on top of others. Gravity was so visibly alive as the stones were balanced in just the right place to land and be supported by what was under them. As I was looking around with joy and wonder, another visitor commented to me: "It's all a question of balance." I was in awe of what it means to take the time, to slow down and carefully feel the way into balance with these heavy stones! What a great lesson for me. Slowing down to feel my way into balance...allowing adjustments....letting go of expectations; letting go of fears or habits....knowing that in order to come into balance, I have to be in deep connection, in just the right place of this moment. If the waves come, or the wind is strong, the rocks will fall and land in a new place, and come into a new balance that the new situation will help to create. Stones don't know anything about clinging to ideas of safety. They are in relationship with what is. The practice of sensing brings me into relationship with what is, and helps me feel my way into balance in the midst of an ever-changing world.

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