Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning -

Yesterday Zach and I watched skateboarders at a skateboard park. There was also a bicyclist riding the waves of the ramp. It was fascinating to see what they do and try to figure out how they do it and how many bruises and scrapes may have been involved in learning the grace that we saw. I am in awe. I am realizing now we watched males yesterday, skateboarding and constructing. I know we tried to raise our children without assigned sexual roles, and yet, if we are influenced by images, yesterday Zach and I were filled with images of males in action.

Jan Henderson posts this as an explanation for the health care debate. We have not dealt with the subject of death in this country, which is why people are reacting so emotionally and irrationally to proposals that make sense. Let's talk about treating the end of life with dignity, treating ourselves as we do our pets. We are not going to live forever, at least not those of my generation. I don't know what comes as to medical advance, though perhaps I question there also. When is it time to let go?


You have to scroll down a bit for Sharon Begley's excellent article.

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