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Evening -

I've enjoyed a busy day and then I sit down with a book and open to the acknowledgments and I see some people I know, among them Zach's grandmother.  She is thanked for an epitaph for her sister Bambi.  I attended the memorial and I believe I have spoken of the daffodil bulbs that were handed out that bloom flowers every year.  

Here is the epitaph to Bambi, Zach's great-aunt:

Though Bambi grew up and lived in Marin County, she considered herself a citizen of the world. She traveled through Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United States, including all the bike trails of Mt. Tam. Each journey filled her with wonder and confirmed her conviction that an open heart accompanied by an open mind was the most important passport a person could carry. Having recently returned from a raft trip down the Colorado River, she delighted in a motto the guide yelled as they ran Lava Falls. "If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space."

Bambi died in a car accident right after her fiftieth birthday.   It has been some years now since I attended her memorial on Mt. Tam.  I hiked up for it. It felt right to walk, to arrive mindfully, honoring each step.  Others biked. 

Bambi organized the trip where many of us biked from Calistoga to the Russian River.  I think it was about fifty miles with wineries along the way.  That meant there was a huge variance in arrival time at the river for a swim. 

Her conviction that "an open heart accompanied by an open mind" is the passport we need,  inspires me.  Bambi was a courageous woman.   Maybe I haven't yet shown her courage or maybe I have, but I see her leading us joyfully on.   Peace!


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