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Good Morning!!

I am so appreciating the beauty of my life and where I live that it is almost like that is enough, just to breath it in, and out, and then do it again.  Wow!  I love feeling the breath as it explores inside and then, hops out to bring something new in again.  Of course, books sneak in there too.

I read The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga this week.  I give it thumbs up.

We watched Bill Moyers on Bill Maher.  Moyers is, of course, a champion for health care reform on ethical and moral reasons.  He says Obama should not allow the compromise that is happening, should stand up on this issue, and if it means he only has one term, but it means we pass the health care this country deserves, then, the legacy will be worth it.  This way what is Obama creating?  He is allowing the continuation of corporate rule.  I hope Obama and his pals were watching though I know Bill Moyers speaks out on this issue continuously.  He is so passionate in the importance of showing we are an ethical country by caring for all our people equally. 

I finished reading Chief Marin, Leader, Rebel, and Legend, A History of Marin County's Namesake and his People.  It is by Betty Goerke and is probably of most interest to local people though maybe not.  It shows how miserably and cruely the native people in the Bay area were treated, how their land was taken.  It is another low point for the U. S.  It was bad enough what the missionaries did, and the Spanish and Mexico, but, at least, there was some negotiation as to giving them some tiny bit of land.  Not, the U.S though.  Mine, Mine, Mine.

Chief Marin was born near where I live.  I have always since I first saw this land felt the native peoples here. 

In 2001, 2001, members of the newly recognized Coastal Miwok tribe and friends gathered in Point Reyes National Seashore to celebrate their newly recognized sovereignty.  Greg Sarris and others traced their history back to the Coastal Miwok before invasion and decimation and Greg Sarris spoke.  It was so emotional no one, not even Greg, remembers what he said, but later he wrote:

If we want to identify and mark a place as saced, .... we must also see that place as only the beginning, the knot a basketmaker ties to start her basket, from which a sacred world rolls out and coils around us in every direction .... It is place that can remind us of what the Coast Miwok people always believed: The sacred is everywhere, in everything, and in us. In the old roundhouse above the Russian River, Grandpa Tom often spoke of this all-encompassing notion of sacredness and place. Gesturing with his hand to the earth and the heavens, he admonished us: "Remember."

Parabola Magazine this month has a wonderful article on the Tuareg people, a nomad tribe in the Sahara.   They live a noble life which is passing.  It requires movement through the land and is based on ethics and morality.  The guest is fed first, even if the guest tried to rob you moments before.  How have we slipped so far from what Bill Moyers so clearly says: "We all share one boat."  How have we lost our ethical way?

Bill Moyers points out that if China decides to call in the debt, the U.S. as we prefer to perceive it would no longer exist.  I think we are being paid back for the British encouraging the Chinese addiction to opium.  We are addicted to stuff and in that misery have forgotten that we are in this together, and maybe an adjustment, a slippage of what was seen as a given, will allow us to consider a balancing out, a recognition that in giving we receive.  The breath moves in and out through the air we share.

A sacred Sunday to All!!   Breathe in the air and light!


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