Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The patience it takes -

I admire Al Franken for his patience and honesty and ability to keep on track to explain health care reform. I could not be so patient which may explain why sometimes I am a patient. My blood pressure rises too quickly in response.

I made a doctor appointment for Steve yesterday. I called his usual doctor and learned that he is now not participating in our insurance PPO, so we need to pay immediately. We may be reimbursed for part by our insurance company. While waiting on hold, I listened to ads for procedures that could be done. Since when did doctors start advertising? We all know the problems with health insurance and "preexisting conditions," which when you get older is pretty usual. We also know what doctors pay for malpractice insurance and we certainly know what it costs for all the administration, triplication and forms. I continue to be baffled that anyone living here cannot understand why we need health care reform, and I admire the politicians with the stamina to explain the facts.

Thanks to Joan for this:


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