Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Ralph Nader -

Ralph Nader is interviewed in the October Car and Driver. 

At the end of the interview, he is asked, "What could you have done differently?"

Nader replies, "Well, I'd like to have had a different set of presidents."

C/D replies, "After 50 years, though, you persist."

Nader:  "Still at it.  We started the Center for Auto Safety, and we stayed at it, but when the White House got the Republicans and John Dingell, it became pretty hard. Fuel efficiency, that was the real disaster. Anybody could have seen this coming, and the UAW and GM marched up on Capitol Hill and crushed, year after year, any attempt at fuel-efficiency legislation. And that's why GM went bankrupt. They did it to themselves. I just wrote an article that uses that priceless quote by Ross Perot, before GM bought him out. He was talking to some senior GM executives in 1986, and he said here's a company that doesn't like its dealers, doesn't like its workers, doesn't like its customers - you people don't even like each other!"


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