Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Lab rats!

This is what my brother has to say about the newly decided idea to operate again. My brother had Hodgkin's when he was 34, and all, obviously, has gone very well for him. He is now 52. I am able to smile at this, and his words make sense to me. Savor a great day!!

Gar's words:

Regarding the lymph nodes, to me at this point I'm sure I'd just say to radiate them. Hodgkin's is in the lymph nodes and they got all of mine with radiation. It just seems like they're making "lab rats" out of all current cancer patients. Why don't they just surgically remove all your organs while they're at it?!

Their techniques are starting to seem so barbaric; akin to our current administrations view of foreign policy, i.e., if you don't like a certain sovereign nation's current ruler, just blow the Hell out of the whole country while trying to eliminate him. And the success rate there seems to be comparable; they blew the Hell out of Iraq and did get Hussein but, in blowing up Afghanistan, did not get bin Laden. A 50% success rate. Not much to brag about. And attacking cancer by just obliterating the entire body seems equally clumsy.

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