Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

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Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.  

- Mark Twain  

Joan Ryan is a writer I enjoy.   She has a new book out about her experience when her son hit his head while skateboarding.  She writes of how quickly life can change.  I think because my father died in an accident when I was 19, I've had since then a greater sense of the preciousness of life and how quickly life can change.

Anything can happen today and we have choice in creating what comes and we also need to bow at times in response.

I am still amazed at the diverse reaction to President Obama's speech to our children.  Its purpose is to motivate our children. We need children who are stimulated and curious, who can think, read, reason.  We need children who can visualize a world outside their own.  Reading about others increases empathy and understanding, decreases fear.   Our president is reaching out at the most basic level, our children, to say here is a place we can unite in creating a better life and future for us all.   May his words and inspiration ripple through our schools and through us all.  Education and learning never stop. 


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