Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

The sky is deep pink behind the dark branches of the trees and now, it is purple as the sun leaves for the night.

I sat with some quail today, saw how they mobilize the sentries and teach the adolescents their song, Qua Quer Ko.  One of the little guys with just the beginning of a topknot sang out like a young boy when his voice breaks.  He just couldn't quite do it.  He was not allowed to stand on the top post yet.  One day though.  It was quite fun to be part of a quail tribe for awhile. 

There was a dead sea lion on the beach today washed in by a high tide needing a higher tide to go back out.

I met with a friend, a woman I haven't seen since the fashion show we both participated in three years ago.  The fashion show is a benefit to raise money for breast cancer.  It is also a thank you to the doctors and nurses who worked to save the lives of all those who participate, who walk the run-way in fancy clothes.  I modeled lingerie, did an exuberant dance in fitness clothing while waving a wand of ribbons, and wore a dressy black outfit and high, high heels.  I'm still amazed I didn't trip and fall in those heels.

We both agreed once was enough for that experience though it happens every year.  I learned of two people from that group who have since died.  Both were younger than I.

It set priorities in motion.  What really matters each day?

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