Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The sun is wakening the ridge with gold.  It is fall.

Many of you remember Mitchell, who died so courageously when he was fifteen.  He placed a silver lining in the sky for all of us to view as we gathered for his memorial.  This summer his family took a vigorous and enchanting trip to China.  My current identifying icon is of a silver lining in China, Mitchell's offering of strength, hope and love.

I wrote an article for the Sensory Awareness newsletter this last week which has me back in my notes, reminding and allowing me to more easily sink into my own peace and tranquility. 

The following comes from my hand-written and rather messy notes and I believe is from a book by Charles Brooks and give perhaps some understanding of the work of Charlotte Selver as it comes from Elsa Gindler and is presented as Sensory Awareness.  Most of this is direct quotes from Charles or Charlotte and a bit of it is my own note.  The four dignities of man are standing, lying, sitting, and walking.  It is to be conscious of what we stand on, lie and sit on, and the presence of vitality of each step.  As you are probably sitting right now, note how you meet and feel the chair. 

This section is on standing, so you might want to stand and consider the questions and feel what answers within. 

It is about standing as relating.  Stand and ask, "Do I feel what I am standing on?"

Do I feel the floor?  How do I relate to it?

Standing is a task that calls for clear perception of the support under one and calls for a clearly functional response to this support.  How do I meet the floor?  Do I meet it with the sensitivity with which I would offer my hand to another?  How do I offer my hand to another?   Do I grasp or receive?   Am I all there for it or am I limp in reception, distracted, thinking of other things, unaware?

Is my foot reacting sensitively and intelligently to the floor, the ground, the air?

Is there something beneath me?  Do I feel it?

Does it support me, accept me?  Do I accept it?

Is it cold or warm, hard or soft?

The answers are constantly changing.  Perception is relative.  There is an unfolding of sensory awareness into the beginning of wisdom.  It is to live conscious of what my senses bring to me and not what I've been taught.

"Do I allow my eyeballs to rest?"

"Do I let the floor support me?"

If you are curious about exploring this practice, there is a wonderful book, called Reclaiming Vitality and Presence, Sensory Awareness as a Practice for Life.  It is The Teachings of Charlotte Selver and Charles V.W. Brooks, and is edited by Richard Lowe and Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt.  

Alan Watts described Charlotte's work as "a Western form of Taoism - a form of spontaneous action that makes you and your surroundings become one."

What could be more worthwhile than that?


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