Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning -

Last night my book group discussed The White Tiger. We all loved the book, but disagreed on the "likability" of the main character. It is a great look at ethics and whether there is a global standard that is never crossed or whether circumstances allow one to fudge a bit to make their way. Can a group progress without violence? Of course, the book is about India, land of Gandhi, so perhaps the answer is there. It is a fascinating look at India and ourselves through one lens.

I was awake in the night as often happens when the moon is a light in the sky. Tonight it will be full but the house, decks and yard were well-lit last night. The moon was circled with moisture but this morning all is clear. I got up in the night to meditate and dance with the moon and found myself thinking about thoughts and I how I process them through my brain. I realize sometimes I am harsh with the pathways, in stop and go traffic, in a mad rush. I sat with resting my brain, softening the passageways and the thoughts that pour through.

This is a family gathering weekend. It is our birthday time of year, so this weekend is for Chris. My intention for the day is softness as I gently mark simple tasks off my list, proceed with gentleness and wholeness.

For those in the Bay area, there is a gathering of female elders Monday evening at Grace Cathedral.



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