Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

We have been out of Internet and cell phone range, and when we did arrive in range, I was too tired, or perhaps discombobulated to post.  This has been an amazing trip and I have taken notes which I will type up and post as I think everyone should try to visit the Bristlecone Pines, the oldest trees on earth, and Death Valley, a place of such variety and awe that I am still astonished and stunned.  I had no idea.  There is a peak over 11,000 feet and we stood 262 feet below sea level.  We've been unbelievably blessed weather-wise, seeing only rainbows and even going right under one, while the rest of the state was pounded and drowning.  We wore jackets in Death Valley in October and the temperature goes back up this weekend.

I had hoped to see Joan on this trip but we came back to the coast further north than I planned and we are homesick.  We want to see Tiger and Bella and so are up early, fully breakfasted, and ready to head out and home.  Homesickness is a funny feeling.  We realize we were three days in the city and then in nature and we are tired, weary even.  We want to be home and yet it has been an absolutely perfect trip.  We traveled yesterday across the state of CA from Death Valley to the coast and saw only a few other cars except when we were in Bakersfield.  One road and destination town was not acknowledged in our AAA book.  We had a little GPS gadget with us that didn't work, and since we brought that, we had no maps so it has been innovative traveling and beautiful to be literally, at times, seemingly alone in the world.  We saw the movie The Informant last night which I highly recommend.  We saw it with two other people in the theater, which again added to the feeling that we might be some of the few beings left on the earth.  If you think the world is too crowded, visit the Eastern Sierra and travel across CA off path.  Be one with the passing plants.  

Also, for those who eat beef, I have avoided Harris ranch meat, since years ago, I saw their cows huddled crowded together next to the freeway with a sprinkler spraying water on their miserable selves.  A friend tried to get a photograph and the police threatened to arrest him.  Well, Michael Pollan was to speak at Cal Poly today, and the head of Harris Ranch threatened to pull financial support away so now it will be a panel discussion.  He will still speak but not in a lecture format.   A college campus is a place for free speech and should not be dependent on donors.  

We shouldn't be eating beef anyway, but if you are, write a note to Harris Ranch, letting them know you will make an effort to boycott their brand.  

We're hopping in the car and heading happily home though we'll enjoy the journey along the way.

Steve says we should all bow our heads and give a thanks to the person who invented the curtain rod that curves so the wet shower curtain doesn't glomb onto you, giving you a fearful Psycho moment.

Happy Day!


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