Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I seem to want to keep the desert with me or to cultivate that space within. I finished Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire last night, and have been reading Tony Hillerman's The Best of the West, An Anthology of Classic Writing from the American West. It is a sobering reminder of what was done to the native people in this country, how inhuman they were perceived and treated. I'm also reading Desert Padre, The Life and Writings of John J. Crowley, 1891-1940 by Joan Brooks. It is fascinating to see the parish this man oversaw, which was the area in which we were driving and spending time. It was huge and he was dedicated. We forget perhaps the dedication that brought some to the Catholic church as the focus of late is on the scandals. It was a hard life.

Perhaps we did need a balancing of good-bad, a greater acceptance of the challenges of being human. I read today of a hospice program within the prisons where prisoners help other prisoners die. They learn about death. They may have killed someone but they have no idea what that means until they are with someone as they die. We have an aging prison population. How do we help them and ourselves meet death?

Perhaps that is what is clear in the desert, how quickly without water and shelter from the sun we would die. I like that hammer of awareness. Perhaps that is why the senses are so honed. I realized that when one is in the desert there is a reason to talk about the weather other than rather to wear a coat or sweater. You need to stay aware.

Maureen Dowd comments today on how far we reach toward compromise until perhaps nothing is left. Our president does need to take some stands. Will he?



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