Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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one innocent little chili pepper -

Yesterday I was in Point Reyes so bought a farm fresh chicken and organic veggies and came home and roasted the chicken and then made stock from the bones.   It is a rainy day so perfect for soup making.  Jeff and Jan have given us the cutest, little red chili peppers from their "farm," with many warnings about the heat, but I thought how hot could one teeny-tiny pepper be so I chose the one that was least wrinkled, and removed the seeds and chopped it fine and thus began a soup which now has way over three quarts of liquid and after  adding every ingredient I could think of was still too too hot, so I decided to walk to the grocery store for beans, corn, and cilantro to dilute the heat.  

I should have realized when Tiger did not stir to go with me,  after lifting his head and putting it back down, that it was not the smartest idea to head out in the rain, but it seemed a rather soft rain, and I walked along listening to it pitter-patter on my head gear and thought of how people go skiing for fun but seem to find it odd to walk in rain
In honor of the rain, I took the short route and cars slowed down and pulled over as they went by and I got to the store reasonably dry and presentable.  I double-bagged in plastic in honor of the wet and then went out the door.  While I'd been inside, the world had transformed.  "The heavens had opened," as they say, and a deluge was pouring down.  People were afraid to walk to their cars.  I considered and figured how bad could it be, so got a third bag for the groceries, and headed out. 

I had come to the store by crossing a field which was now a river, so went around.  For some reason, the cars had now sped up and all courtesy was gone.  They were speeding and splashing water over the tops of their cars and the side of the road was a river from all the water pouring down the hills and over the road.  I walked in water that covered my ankles and was splished and splashed and it really was fine to be so wet but when I got home I saw the barriers on the road had broken through so since I was already soaked, I got out the shovel and did some road work and water diversion. 

I am waiting now for a break in the rain, so I can go out and bring in some firewood.  I think we've had enough rain for the first inside fire of this autumn.  Hooray!   Meanwhile the soup seems to be about right and there is plenty to freeze and I have sour cream and cheese to cut the heat, and next time I will listen to Jeff and Jan about soaking chili peppers in milk.

What I wonder though is if I was a chili pepper to the rain and it was trying to dilute the heat of me.

This morning I was reading in my little book, The Soul Would Have No Rainbow if the Eyes had no Tears by Guy A. Zona.  It is a series of Native American proverbs and many deal with the importance of releasing anger, so perhaps any anger I carry was diluted in the deluge, and now, may the soup and my soul be seasoned just right.


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