Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

After midnight -

I am in Inverness.  I read there would be meteor showers after midnight, so am thrilled that though the fog had rolled in when I went to bed and all was mist-wrapped that now, it has cleared and the stars and constellations are visible as can be.  I haven't seen any falling stars yet, but I hear the whoo of an owl and the moo of a cow,  and birds splashing in Tomales Bay.  The waves were pounding in when I arrived but now the water is quiet and still except for an occasional dunk and rise.

I wanted to turn sixty in Inverness so here we are.  Everyone has been telling me to really celebrate this birthday, so my intention has been to see mountains, desert, ocean, and bay and so I have.  Last night we enjoyed a fire in the fireplace.  Well, actually embers are still aglow.  It is still night.

Someone asked me how old I feel.  I said twelve.  I think sixty is a return to that time of confidence and knowing.  I also notice how aware I am of inside and out, inside myself and outside, and inside where I am staying and outside, awareness of myself as an individual and of myself as part of a whole.

And so now back to the stars.  And now the song "After Midnight" starts rolling in my head.  Eric Clapton has appeared.  I still hope to see a falling star.


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