Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I officially announce that it is great to be sixty.  The night before last I was outside for two hours looking for shooting stars.  This morning I open my eyes, and see first one, then, another, and finally, a whopper of a third right over my bed.  I realize that life will be that easy from now on.  Shooting stars come to me.

Steve has now analyzed every inch of this place, amazed with the work of construction.  Every board has been cut and fit by hand with all these odd angles increasing the challenge, and yet, it creates a space both open and cozy.  We will head to the Pt. Reyes book store later today and see if we can find out how it was made and who built it.  Also, I have a friend in Inverness who may know the history. 

Today, I felt the sun rise in me, my whole body-mind-self pink and aglow.  Every day there is this magic of sunrise and sunset, moon and stars, and tides going in and out.  How do we forget?

The only problem with this place is where to sit to enjoy the view.  There are a multitude of choices. 

Thank you for my birthday wishes.  It is another example of fear and trepidation about something that turns out to feel absolutely grand. 

There is a photograph here than entrances me.  It is black and white and of a jellyfish with its tentacles dripping down and atop it is a small jellyfish with its tentacles spraying out.  I need to read about reproduction in jellyfish.   It doesn't seem like it could be a mother-child picture and yet it has that feel.  I look at it and feel myself as mother and child.  Perhaps that is the symbolism, how we attach and connect, our tentacles both pulled down by gravity and aflight with the ease and lift of life.

When my son Chris was young and I would tuck him into his race car bed, he would wrap his arms around me, and say, "I'm a barnacle, attached to you."  He knew that barnacle glue is the strongest glue in the world.  Once a barnacle chooses a place to attach, it can't let go.  Today, I feel how beautifully and joyfully we are all attached, sharing a world that shines a little more clearly with intention and care.

Happy October 23rd, a great day to be born and borne!!


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