Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Five Days Until Thanksgiving! Yay!

Goodness! I hope it doesn't sound like I'm not living in the moment because I am, but we are beginning our Thanksgiving celebration today by driving up to Santa Rosa to Jeff and Jan's. We figure two days of celebrating this weekend, plus our Thursday event should do well for all the reasons to give thanks this year. Watching Bush, Cheney and cronies implode certainly adds to my festivities even though I live almost completely in a world of non-duality and non-judgment. : )

 "Is that so?" is my motto, even as I ever so quietly notice what is going on. I offer a part of a poem that strikes me. It seems appropriate for Thanksgiving week, and is written by Linda Gregerson. It is titled "Maculate" and most of the italicized parts are adapted from Luke 12.


I remember going door to door, it must
                    have been nineteen
           thirty-six and half the town was out of work,

we always had the Red Cross drive in March
        the lilies how they grow.
)  The snowmelt

frozen hard again, and cinders on the shoveled
        I was wearing your grandmother's boots.

(Consider the ravens, they have neither storehouse
                   nor barn.
        The grocer gave a nickel, I can see him yet,

some people had nothing at all.
                  And I came
        to Mrs. Exner's house (no thief

approacheth, neither moth.)
  The woman
                  was so bent
        with arthritis, nearly hooped

when she walked up the street with her bucket and mop
                  (not Solomon
        in all his glory
).  The people

she cleaned for wouldn't keep a bucket in the house
).  She gave me three new dollar

bills, I'll never forget it, I wanted the earth
              to swallow me up.

Happy Thanksgiving every day!!


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