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As you may have gathered, I live in a rather convoluted area as to streets and neighbors. Even those I know, I may rarely see, but I received an email that a book group was forming in my neighborhood, and I thought how delightful it would be to walk to a gathering and talk about books. The first meeting was last night. The host had chosen the book, which was not one I would ordinarily read. It is Skin Tight by Carl Hiaasen. It is laugh out loud funny, but I didn't see that there was much character development to discuss, but our host managed with astute questions to build just that.

Then, we got to the interesting part, the neighborhood. It seems I have a neighbor who started this company, Genetic Savings and Clone.


This came up because I now know there are three cloned dogs in my neighborhood, owned by these people, and one of them had gotten loose and was running around frantically in a dangerous area with an array of cars. No one was stopping to help the dog, not realizing this was a dog worth $250,000.

So, these people had a dog they loved and it was aging and so they cloned it, but the three new dogs don't look like the old dog.

It also seems there was a gentle bull. He is the bull you see in the old Merrill-Lynch commercials. Who wouldn't want to clone a gentle bull? But the "duplicate" is not gentle. He is mean.

So, we have Humane Societies around here in desperate need of money, and there are animals who need homes. I have been thinking of non-attachment since my body is still hovering in the fear that it might have had a rather quick departure from this realm as I know and appreciate it. I miss my pets who have died and I miss family and friends, but would I want to clone them? What is that about? Would I want to be cloned? No way!

I understand research and discovery, but I think a family spending this kind of money to clone a pet might have been better off using it for therapy on learning how to let go. I don't know the people, don't know the dogs, and certainly don't want to offend, but though we all have a different scale on what we call progress this seems a little over the top.

On the other hand, after seeing this interview last night on Carl Hiassen on Sixty Minutes, I learn that what may seem way over the top, is, in fact, true.



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