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Puttting the "me" into the media -

This morning I took an early ferry over to the city to meet a friend.  We sat and sipped coffee and talked for hours and then, noticed people were gathering at Book Passage, so decided to check it out.  Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! was speaking about her new book, Breaking the Sound Barrier.  We found seats in the book store that is said to be the book store with the best view in the world.  You look out on the bay as the author speaks.

Though Amy Goodman's mother died in October, she decided to do the book tour anyway. She spoke with emotion and seemed near tears at times.  Certainly she had her audience in or near tears.  Her mother was quite a force in the world and didn't complain so the end was near when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Amy Goodman and her brothers stayed in the hospital with her for the last month of her life.  She said they wanted to put up a sign at the door, Do No Harm.

She said the experience with her mother was a good lesson in what is wrong with our health care system.  There are too many doctors and no coordination of those doctors.  Her mother was to only have clear liquids.  The doctor in charge of swallowing came in and said her mother had to be given crackers and yogurt to test if she could swallow.  They pointed out she was swallowing the clear liquids.  No, it had to be yogurt, and so they allowed it, and then, her mother got really sick and the main doctor was furious.

Amy said we need to learn to meet death.  She said there are five things that need to be said and addressed near the end of a person's life.  I think I have the five right.  Both the one dying and those who love the one, say: 1. Thank you.  2.  Forgive me.  3.  I forgive you.  4.  I love you.  5.  Good-bye.  

She spoke of her arrest at the Republican convention and how the media is not mainstream. It is hijacked and without accurate and honest reporting of all sides we do not have a democracy.  Despite it all, the talk was inspirational.  She offers hope.   It was synchronous that I got to see her and I did buy her book and will report what she has to say.  I recommend though that we all buy the book and support the work of Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!



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