Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Smiling -

I was on the commuter ferry going to the city yesterday morning.  People, very serious, dressed in black, start lining up as soon as the gate opens as one ferry leaves and the wait for the next one begins.  It was about twenty minutes to wait yesterday so people line up, facing out, and there is not yet a boat.  It isn't even yet in sight.  I am thinking that many of these people must do this daily, but everyone looks straight ahead, anxious to get on the boat, to get "their" seat.  I find it curious that there is no interaction, exchange, acknowledgment, of the "other".   All seem so self-contained and perhaps that is essential in the preparation for work. 

I came back on the 3:00 ferry, so it is a different crowd, and there are even some smiles.  One woman sat near me smiling the whole time and I wish now I had gone up and spoken to her, because I was so entranced with her smile, and I carry it with me now.  I think of the youtube video going around of the "Laughing Buddha," the man who gets on a subway train and laughs and laughs and soon has everyone around him hysterically laughing and brought to tears.

I wonder sometimes about my "place" in life, about what is mine to "do," but when I think of the woman from yesterday, I see that it is to curve my lips upward in a cup, or, since it is almost Thanksgiving, in a cornucopia of gratitude, love and care.

Mirror neurons Ho!!


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