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Marion Rosen -

I occasionally mention that I am a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner, but I don't think many of you know what that means. Here is a wonderful interview with Marion Rosen that may give a sense of the work.


After the car accident, I knew I was carrying tension and fear I could not release, so I have now seen my good friend and colleague Karen for three Rosen sessions. Last night, I woke from a dream where Karen was giving me a session. I could feel the holding on the right side and could feel it was very deep. I have been sitting with it this morning, realizing that is the place of "reaching out," so if the muscle is tight there under the shoulder blade, on the right side, and I am right-handed, how then can I reach fully out for what I may want or need. It may be when I work with Karen on Monday that more comes up around that, or perhaps it will be something else or nothing at all, but I am grateful to feel a little more movement within, especially at this time of year where we do come in, into our homes, into our selves. We revel in the play of light and dark.

It is also a little sore in that area. When a place that has been held, releases, it may not feel particularly comfortable. How do you suppose it is for ice when it melts? Everything was nice and compact and now it is flowing all over the place. It may feel that containment is gone. The point though is to feel, to feel alive, and to honor the living that balances containment and flow.

Each day I live, I become more appreciative of the gift.


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