Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

From Jane in New York!!

Today, Jane and I speak  at 1:00 my time and 4:00 hers. She is in the midst of the Search Engine Conference. I will present her poem from our writing time, and then, in the next posting, mine. We feel they connect, and we feel the joy and wonder of living in such an incredible world where all this can take place.

Jane's words, sent by Blackberry:

A thousand people
Who spend millions on one word
Never tell a poet
Words are cheap.

I didn't title this one but it could be:
Search Engine Conference.

Even though I've been involved with this search engine stuff for a while now, it has been so clear this time the relationship between my writing and my work....how much of search engine work is about finding exactly the right word for the audience. I don't think I would have made this connection today even without your morning poem...and Steve's feedback that the fairies and the gnomes stuck out at the end but somehow passed unnoticed when they came earlier in the poem!

I had said to Jane this morning that Steve's words allowed me to feel how delicate and finely arched this poetry path.  I became more clear on what we create, and how we lead, and follow, through silence, pause, and sound. 


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