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Morning -

It is still dark but my candle is here with its flame.  I carry it around with me this time of year, need its light and warmth and enthusiasm.  Perhaps it is just response to air currents but it looks like enthusiasm to me.

Each winter solstice I like to go to Muir Woods and see if the salmon have come.  In past years, many years past, there were many.  On the winter solstice, at night, the rangers set up special lights on the bridge so you could see the salmon, but they only saw dark.  Luminaria lit the path.  I went out early yesterday and the rangers were enthusiastically setting up chairs in the parking lot.  I walked in the rain.  Only the dedicated were there.  The rest sat despondent in their tour buses, talking, missing the beauty of the light and trees.

The last two years two salmon have made it to Muir Woods, each time a male and a female. There is a couple making their way up the stream right now. They have not yet made it to the woods, but the waters are flowing and it's looking good. A great deal has been done this fall to make it easier for the salmon. May next year again bring an abundant salmon flow.

In 1945, delegates from the newly forming United Nations met at a certain special spot in Muir Woods.  They recognized the importance of nature in creating peace.

I am more than disappointed in how health care has been pounded into the dust.  I still struggle to understand the greed, the lack of recognition that we are all in this together.  One reason I wrote the book that will come out in February was to celebrate the health care I received.  One day there was a man next to me in the infusion room for chemotherapy.  He was very concerned about how he would pay his bill.  They were very clear that he was not to worry, that the Marin Cancer Institute is not about that.  It is about getting well.  I want everyone to have the health care I received.  They allow no sales people there so there are no "free" samples.  Everyone is dedicated, happy with their work.  I have hoped this model would expand around the country.  Instead I see a sad statement about those we elect and the harsh representatives from some of the states.  I think Barack Obama is doing what he can do within the parameters of staying alive.  We see what happens to those who cross a line.  His string is short and I have to believe, he, too, is crying over the travesty of greed that leads these times.

And the NY Times suggests we support it. It is a step.



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