Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Coyotes -


Today I saw a coyote, big as a German Shepherd, out on the trail.  It was beautiful and elegant, head held high.  I was not afraid.  He-she was not afraid.  We were about fifteen feet apart, and I was on the higher trail and he/she on the lower.  We looked into each other's eyes and then I averted mine.  He/she looked well-fed and I think smaller prey is preferred  but it was an interesting encounter, as I realized my experience of coyotes is either in the zoo or skulking across the road.  This coyote was in its element and so beautiful and proud.

Walking along, I did stay alert, listened to the wind and birds, and thought of those I know who carry pepper spray.  If I had been carrying it and if the coyote decided to attack, would I have been able to spray it?  For now, I'll stay a little more alert and I usually am.  I've seen a mountain lion three times, bobcats many times, a skunk, much too close, and now this wonderful coyote.  I am entranced.   

What a gift for the day!

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