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Good Morning!


Jon Carroll writes today about a website that sounds intriguing, a place to post things you might have said or want to say. You post anonymously as a way to clear the air for yourself.


A big storm is coming my way and everyone is preparing for days without power so we are now well-stocked with food and the flashlights have batteries and the candles are handy with matches nearby. The most I've been without power is five days and that was a few years ago. I'm hoping this is not that and it is fun for a few days. We'll see.

I attended a book reading last night. A couple moved into my area 18 months ago and they opened an art gallery in a warehouse sort of space and will now have readings there once a month. It was so inspiring. I came home on wings. It is really something to hear someone read their own work, to see their hands shake, even as their voice comes through hale and strong. It is called the "Why There Are Words" literary series.

I was struck by each one of them, Michael Alenyikov, Mari Coates, Shana Mahaffey, Scott James, Gravity Goldberg, and Afghan-born Tamim Ansary. I think in light of the money we are spending in Afghanistan right now, I will give the biggest plug for the books of Tamim Ansary. He has written Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World through Islamic Eyes and West of Kabul, East of New York. His latest book is fiction and is called The Widow's Husband. He spoke of how the people we see here and avoid, the ones "ranting" and homeless on the streets, would be considered holy in Afghanistan, would be seen as in touch with or touched by God. What a different way to view those we consider psychotic and to be avoided. There is wonderful writing going on. Support it as you can.

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