Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!


It is the day of the State of the Union Address, but just as we now have analysis afterward that goes on and on, we now have analysis beforehand, so not only have we been told what is in it, but we have already been told what to think about it, and yet as far as I know it isn't even fully written yet.  I wonder sometimes if this is an attempt to sicken us into not paying attention.  I continue to read that there is no money for in-depth reporters and reporting so why is there so much money for analysis before and after an event.  I realize that part of it is we are told the economic initiatives ahead, perhaps because we need daily entertainment, but I wonder what it would be to have it all delivered on one day with all of us watching, united in wanting what is good for the nation as a whole.  Milton Friedman has a good column on that today, on how we need to unite as a nation for the good of the nation.


And this is my mantra for the day:  

I've decided to be happy, because it is good for my health.

- Voltaire

Also, I am with this question:

How would I describe my place in the universe?

I think it is useful for each of us to think about our place in the universe as a way to happiness and peace.

May your day be active, restful, and peaceful with reflection perhaps but no outside analysis before and after what you do.

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