Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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The state of CA -


I believe it is universally known that the financial state of CA is a mess.  

It seems "Carly," who wants us to think she is so well-known that she doesn't need to use her last name, is running against Tom Campbell, to represent the Republican party against Barbara Boxer.  Now, watching the "demon sheep" ad, I think Tom Campbell sounds like a decent guy. He is the one Republican who supported our Republican governor in trying to keep the state alive.  

So, we have a woman who was not helpful to Hewlett Packard destroying the one guy who might have had a chance against Barbara Boxer, and who knows, maybe her negative campaigning will work, but anyone who lives in CA, and thinks the "no new taxes" that the conservatives hold over our heads works must be crazy.

Alan posted this, this morning.  I think we need to look realistically at what is possible.  Every level of government needs more money.  Some people appear to have more money than they need.  Perhaps we should raise taxes on those who can afford it and rescue the nation as a whole.



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