Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Book -


So, today, I am officially acknowledging and therefore announcing that the book is delayed.  It was to be released on February 14th and for a variety of reasons will not be released on that date.  The publisher asked me if I was upset, and I went through my bodily-mental-emotional-spiritual system and could find no reason to be upset.  There are many reasons one might be upset in this world, a multitude of problems that pain us all, but this does not seem like one of them.  The book will come out.  It is close.  I have seen the galley.  I am pleased and there is more work to do and so it is.  I know you are waiting, some of you anyway, and I apologize, and this part is totally out of my hands.  

Tonight feels like a wonderful night to be with all the joy my life entails.  My son Chris came by last night for dinner.  Now, that was fun.  Actually maybe you are interested in what he is doing.  Some people found this podcast technical, but anything relating to one's child is obviously the most fascinating thing imaginable.  


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