Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Two Perspectives -

Jane and I write for fifteen minutes at noon my time today.  She is in NYC, at  what seems to me to be,  the very exciting Search Engine Conference.

Here is her poem.

            I wake up in a new country.

            The streets are paved in salt.
            Breakfast is a single egg.
            An unfamiliar tune
            Bells, a woodwind
            Make me homesick.

Here is mine.  

    I look out from my current
    narrow path


    by chemo

    and infection -

        I feel like a cow

        standing on a hill

        chewing my cud

        as the world passes by -

    but the cow doesn’t have

    an internet connection,

    or wireless phones -

            She’s got milk.

            I’ve got clones. 


    Chemo Mind

    my brain is stuck
    I mean it is really stuck -
    nothing comes to mind
    no puzzles or cliches
    not one thing to juggle,
    jiggle or display -
    my brain is stuck
    like a model
    made of clay -
    or a snowwoman
    before she melts
    in the warmth
    of a winter day -


New York City

conventions, conferences,
and I am here asleep
taking a nap,
a catnap
while the world
is a lion, stalking and roaring,
and I am a song,
little notes
sprung in the air,
hopping, like turtles,
plogging along. 



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