Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Voyages -

Voyages are accomplished inwardly, and the most hazardous ones, needless to say, are made without moving from the spot.

- Henry Miller

I am awake in the night, calmly so, feeling supported in all sorts of wonderful inward ways.  Actually, that feeling of inner support comes from so much outer support.  I feel connected in the most loving web.  I never imagined how this part would feel so loving and warm.   I have held a judgment perhaps on "marketing," though there was a time I sold reading programs for children and did financially well with it.  I believed in it.  Perhaps this is the same.  Something comes through.  This has been a long journey, an inner one, and now I feel like I'm in a balloon, rising easily to glide.

The last few times I read Breast Strokes I cried.  I was able to view the woman who went through cancer treatment from outside.  I learned from my own words.  Perhaps that is how we grow, when we listen to ourselves and when we are fed ourselves back through others.  Perhaps that is the rise of the mouse in the eagle's mouth.  


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