Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I am at Jeff and Jan's listening to an array of singing birds.   Jeff is taking this morning off work, so we'll have time together before I head out to meet my friend Terry in Davenport for lunch and then go on to the retreat.  It will be another opportunity to read from the book.  We were so well-received in our reading yesterday in Pacific Grove that my heart is deeply touched.  When one writes something, one hopes it is conveyed in a way that can be received.   It was.  It absolutely was.  

People have told us what Breast Strokes means to them but this time we were reading words of the book out loud to a receptive and endearing group of people.  Perhaps the greatest compliment was John, who said it is a book of philosophy and bought a book though he never buys books,. Maybe also it was the hugs and love we received.   Also, I saw Jane read her words.  We have written this book in two different places, me in my home and Jane in hers.  It is really something to see and hear words read out loud, words I've read many times, words so heart-felt and meaningful.  Yesterday's reading was a container of grace. 

I won't be able to check in until I get home late Sunday night.  I came down the coast on Wednesday, an exquisite drive and turned in after Davenport and headed toward Bonnie Doon and beyond and stopped in at the retreat center.  I continued on through Felton.

The retreat center is a beautiful and spiritual place.  There are circles of redwood trees.  I want to discover my next writing project there, though yesterday a woman came up to me and offered to illustrate my children's book.  She is an artist I have long admired so again I am touched.

Our theme yesterday was about receiving, learning to receive.  Giving and receiving are one.  It seems these days I am meant to receive.  I sit here in gratitude, grateful for all I'm given, thankful to and for all of you.


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