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It is now officially spring.  I met with three women friends yesterday for our quarterly honoring of the changing of the seasons. Everything is so exuberant this year because of the richly distributed quantities of rain that I think each of us felt unequal to the task of bursting out so flamboyantly.  I woke this morning feeling as those my leaves are still wrapped, not ready yet to unleash to fully harness the sun.

I think I wore myself out this last month with all the excitement on the book.  I want to fully breathe in each comment and compliment and I am so touched I am sometimes brought to tears.   If the book helped one person, the work would have been enough, but it is going out in a wide, generous way and I pause to breathe that in.  I see that today needs to be a day of rest.  I am worn out.   

Yesterday I felt how much spirituality involves the body as well as the mind and spirit.  We are a trinity.  I also felt how there is a drum beat we each keep with our pulse but that drumbeat reverberates so there is a constant hum.  I feel tuned into that hum of late and in that am more aware of the symphony of birds this time of year.  They seem to be coming up close and personal.  A red-shouldered hawk accompanied me down my driveway one day.  I am aware of individual birds and birds as a whole.

I am grateful we have taken a step toward health care reform, but the vitriol and lies are hard to take.  Dennis Kucinich on Bill Maher Friday night pointed out that this is a step that will show that we are not on the path toward the dreaded socialism.  For most of us our lives will not change.  Doom has not entered and shaken the fabric of our existence.  We can begin to have needed discussions on choices in health care and begin to take more responsibility for our own health.  I think it allows us to enter into a partnership with our doctors and I hope to see more steps taken when it is clear the world has not fallen apart and that President Obama is not the devil taking away our rights.

I don't think the health care debate has been good for our health.  It has been about money not lives, the interests of corporations and not compassion for the whole.  I do not understand how we continue to not see that we share a spaceship, this planet Earth.  We are in this together and your children are mine and mine are yours.  We are one beautiful organism, and certainly all the wealth that this planet provides means there is enough for us all.

I can practically see the plants growing this year.  Leaves are unfurling and flowers spraying pollen into the air.  We live in a world of abundance.  Why is it so hard to share?


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