Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Recognizing Enough -


I am today with why people in this country are so often dissatisfied.  I think we find it difficult to recognize enough.  We are bombarded with advertisements of what we need, must have,  to make our lives complete.

Perhaps it is why it is hard to find satisfaction in this health care bill when so many of us wanted more, but I am still impressed with Dennis Kucinich and the strength he showed on Bill Maher.  This is a step and then we pause and look around and say, "Ah, a step," and then, we begin again.  This is a beginning, not an end.  

Anyone who has climbed a mountain knows what it is to pause after a step and let the breath catch up and then step forward again.  A child learning to walk falls over and over again. They may even go back to a crawl and then one day they stand and don't topple and away they go.  I don't think most of us remember back to all that went into learning to stand and then walk.  

Perhaps I want a moment to say a step was made and yes, it is so compromised as to perhaps be meaningless and yes, the insurance companies benefit and yet a few more will have coverage and slowly we make our way.  Perhaps our exposure to all these sit-coms where all completes in 30 minutes and that includes commercials and movies that last two hours with happy endings has set an unrealistic expectation for each of us.  Perhaps that is why The Hurt Locker won best picture.  It said that life is complex.  People are complex and we need to give ourselves time to rest on a moment, pause and say, "enough".  We need to say a step was made, a teeny-tiny one perhaps, but, yes, a step.  I think of the first creature that climbed from the sea, or maybe just threw itself on the sand, and then, one day nubs and then legs and here we are.  

I want to enjoy that a step was made, yes, a costly one, with sacrifice all over the place, but a step was made and we can all stand on that teeny-tiny step and begin to make other changes, begin to change corporate control over our legislature and person by person, say this is a country, of "we, the people," and we, the people, support all the individuals.  We lend a hand.  We pull each other from the sea.  


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