Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Book Stores -

I am thrilled when I see there is a vote on the best book store in the Bay area and I note that there are a great many from which to choose.  I scroll down for Book Passage.  It is listed as in Alameda.  There is a Book Passage in Marin and one in SF at the ferry building. It could say ferry building as the book stores in SF list where they are.  

I wonder if this is this how voting polls get skewed.  If I check Book Passage, it looks like I don't know where it is.  I see that Linden Book stores is there, the one owned by Joan's cousin, so I could check there, but again that is not entirely accurate since though I have acquaintance with it, I feel inclined to support my local book store, but by this survey, there is no book store in Marin.   Isn't Marin in the Bay area?   Again, the survey, to my mind, is skewed.   

Vote if you are so inclined though it is hard to choose from such a wonderful array and I'm not sure that pitting individual book stores against each other is such a good idea.  


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